This is Happy Day Church, A daycare and Sunday School where Joyful Learning and Faithful Fun Begin!

Due to the recent shooting on 5/22/12 Happy Day Church will be closing down permanently.

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Condolences For The Happy Day Church Tragedy

It is with heavy hearts and profound sorrow that we share the tragic news of the recent events at Happy Day Church. On 5/22/12, our beloved sanctuary, a place of joy and learning, was shattered by an unimaginable act of violence. This senseless tragedy took the lives of both children and adults who were integral parts of our community. We extend our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those lost. In this time of immense grief, we stand together, offering our prayers and support to all affected by this devastating loss. May the love and strength of our community help us navigate through this dark time, and may the memories of those we lost be forever cherished in our hearts.

Those We Lost

Sammy Orville

Collyn Tennyson

Dr. Berny Madilynn

Sister Izabelle Kalysta

Father Remigio Paquito

Officer Daniel Torres

They think I'm deAd, I'm not.


Here at Happy Day Church we like to think of ourselves as one big family! Here is an introduction to some on the kids!

James Aaron Smith

His body lived, but his soul died, Right?

Dilipa Sundara

He lived. He passed the TESt.

Dilipa Sundara is a bright and joyful child who attends Happy Day Church. Known for their curious nature and warm smile, Dilipa is always eager to participate in Sunday School activities and enjoys learning about faith in a fun and engaging environment. Their enthusiasm and kindness make them a beloved member of the Happy Day Church community.

Fun Activities

Happy Day Church has many fun activities for kids like.

-Playing with trampolines and parachutes.
-Going outside to play with water guns.
-Watching movies in the TV Room.